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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cobra kai dojo and the lighter side of ego

“Just sweep the leg, Johnny..SWEEP THE LEG!! The classic scene from the 80’s cult classic, The Karate Kid, became the unavoidable mantra after the this year's Oscars of Wine event. Jokingly, for sure, because honestly, as much as I could shake my fists in the air touting a triumphant, nearly landslide victory, in reality, my instinct and immediate reaction is one of modesty and awkwardness over the turnout.

It's one of those times like when your watching your kid's basketball team just crush their opponents. You're happy your kid is 13 inches taller than any of the other players and is repeatedly scoring from mid-court, but you also don’t stick around after the game to revel in the glory and talk shop with the other feisty parents. It’s all good in the end, but you know - and worse, can detect - that a few of the parents just want to knock your teeth out. In any case, like last year, I was honored to be invited to this event and really enjoyed every aspect from the preparation to the set up and having the opportunity to meet so many fervent and emphatic wine connoisseurs.

If you are wondering, all but the 1998 Beaucastel are available in the market. Additionally, a few of these will become part of the listed offerings at one or more Fifth Group restaurants after our next scheduled wine list change set for the 20th of April.

Thanks to all the attendees and for all the support! Here are the winning wines:

Best Actor Oscar – "Big, Bold and Racy"
Cims de Porrera, "Classis," Priorato, Spain 2001

Best Actress Oscar – "Soft Yet Assertive" (a tie between Stratigos and Michael McNeil)
Vajra Stratigos: Vinoptima, Gewurtztraminer, "Reserve," Ormond, NZ 2003
Michael McNeil: Soave Superiore, 'Salvarenza,' Gini Veneto

Best Foreign Oscar – "Anything Not From the U.S."
Chateau Beaucastel, Chateauneuf du Pape, France 1998

Best Newcomer Oscar – "The Latest Greatest Thing"
Xtant, Napa Valley, California 2002

Best Director Oscar – "Winemaking at its Best"
Mara Zinfandel, "Dolinsek Ranch," Russian River Valley 2005

Best Indie Oscar – "Hand-Crafted, Less Than 1000 Cases, Priced Under $40"
Los Astrales "Astrales," Ribera del Duero, Castilla Leon, Spain 2003

I'm off to the after parties now - cheers!

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Congrats on the win! I'm going to seek those bottles out.