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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Observe, digest and prop up…. is it 360 sensibillities or the Kentucky Derby….

Most of the time, when I eat with chefs and cooks it’s either a bashing session or just plain ole ego -driven persnickety irreverence. I eat with food critics and everything is ponderous and overly cerebral, I eat with my food TV network watching, Iron chef wanna-be, neighbor that just installed an industrial six burner Vulcan and he pretends to be a critic and a chef all at once. Bottom line,.. the true enjoyment of food, eating and dining is normally better when its not all about the critique. So why must we… and who has the real 360 degree perspective ?
I think im burned out on all of this slamming, and printed appraisal because typically the folks making the comments don’t have a real solution and that’s just not okay with me. “Fine”, say “then what?” So you say this doesn’t work, or that pairing stinks or whatever the case may be, I just want some real, concrete suggestions. I’m almost to the point that I don’t want to hear other food or restaurant evaluations unless they are accompanied by some obvious sense of experiential wisdom.
So great,.. you are a food critic, I say,.. if you blast a new restaurant, be prepared to deliver a follow up column with suggestions toward improvement. It’s not about crushing people’s efforts or verbally slaying new establishments …it’s about bettering our local dining opportunities, improving food awareness, and illustrating the value of the details! Am I off base here people? What about the environments or service commentary? Clearly, if this sort of 360degree critique were to exist, it would be necessary for that critic / writer person to have intimate understanding and expertise in all areas of hospitality operations. Seriously, folks,..why is it that in the world of food people are allowed to blurt their views and reviews without a suggestion toward advancement or the quest for wholesome perfection?

These are often peoples lives were messing with here … I say if you’re going to share your critical views and opinions about a restaurant or dining exp, be prepared to back it up! Why are there not more chefs and real restaurateurs writing about their experiences? Fine,.. choose an icon chef or a Danny Meyer type. , Just give me someone with credibility. Someone who has been there and done that! Someone committed to industry-wide progress and enrichment. What say you?


Tour of Tuscany said...

I couldn't agree more! Well said!


Jack said...

Here Here Vajra!
Maybe we can say the same about wine critics!